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5.21.2020 States that Allow Remote Notarization (NNA Update on 5.20.2020)

As of this time, 24 states permit remote online notarization (RON)..

(Due to the COVID-19 crisis, several states have issued special orders/exceptions regarding remote notarizations. See our Emergency Remote Notarization Rules Amid Covid-19 post for state-specific information.)

States that permit remote online notarization (NNA excerpt to follow):

Virginia, fully implemented

Texas, fully implemented (Additional emergency ID rules for Notaries currently in place, see "COVID-19 UPDATE" above)

Nevada, fully implemented

Minnesota, fully implemented

Montana, fully implemented

Ohio, fully implemented

Tennessee, fully implemented

Florida, fully implemented (Additional COVID-19 emergency rules in place, see "COVID-19 UPDATE" above)

Idaho, fully implemented 

Kentucky, fully implemented 

Oklahoma, fully implemented 

Michigan, fully implemented

Utah, accepting applications to perform remote notarizations, according to the Lt. Governor's website

South Dakota, fully implemented but with limitations (see below)

North Dakota, fully implemented (see below for more details)

Indiana, pending full implementation

Vermont, pending full implementation (Currently permitting RON under special emergency rules)

Effective October 1, 2019, Montana Notaries are permitted to perform remote notarizations for signers outside the state.

Indiana and Vermont's online notarization laws took effect July 1, 2019. However, these states may require additional time to implement remote notarization rules and technology. Notaries interested in performing remote notarizations in these states should contact their state Notary regulating agency for information when remote notarization procedures and services will be made fully available.

South Dakota currently limits remote notarizations to paper documents only and signers for remote notarizations may only be identified through the Notary's personal knowledge.

North Dakota’s webcam notarization law took effect August 1, 2019. North Dakota issued guidance for remote notarizationin March 2020.  

Will other states permit remote notarizations in the near future?

States that have enacted remote notarization laws that have not taken effect yet include:

  • Wisconsin, effective May 1, 2020 (Currently permitting RON early under special emergency rules, see "COVID-19 UPDATE" above)

  • Arizona, effective July 1, 2020 (Currently permitting RON early under special emergency rules)

  • Iowa, effective July 1, 2020

  • Maryland, effective October 1, 2020 (Currently permitting RON early under special emergency rules)

  • Nebraska, effective July 1, 2020 (Currently permitting RON early under special emergency rules)

  • Washington, effective October 1, 2020 (Currently permitting RON early under special emergency rules)

  • Alaska, effective January 1, 2021

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